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A Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Construction Site

A Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Construction Site

RC Building Services LLC is a reliable company that can offer you commercial and residential cleaning services for all your needs. Based in Brooklyn, NY, we are ready to provide you with the outstanding services you need and will ensure your satisfaction, regardless of the size, nature, or difficulty of the job. With our building maintenance, office cleanup, carpet cleaning services, and everything else we offer, you can maintain a clean and healthy environment in any building. We also specialize in construction cleanup for the needs of residential and commercial clients and can be reached at (718) 536-2675.

Superb Commercial Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

When talking about commercial and residential cleaning for construction sites, the work that needs to be done is a bit different than regular property cleaning. Such a task is much more labor-intensive and it often involves heavy lifting, debris removal, ladder work, and other challenging tasks. Our construction cleanup crew comprises people who know how to ensure newly built and renovated homes are clean and ready for the owners to move in and take possession of the property. Other related jobs may include the cleaning of the interior and exterior of windows, dusting, washing for all kinds of surfaces, removal of stickers from windows, debris hauling, surface polishing for glass, marble, and tiles, dusting, walls and ceiling washing, floor vacuuming, and more. We will provide you with an estimate of our labor in advance, that will depend on the size of the job and the nature of the tasks involved. Our customers can range from homeowners to renovation companies, construction contractors, and property developers.

As a reputable residential and commercial cleaning service provider, we can handle the cleaning of your building, applying the finishing touch, and ensuring the welcoming look of your property. When dust, dirt, and grime cover most of the surfaces after your renovation or construction project, you should hire a company that can transform any workspace and will give it undivided attention. RC Building Services LLC is the ideal choice for anyone who needs a superior cleaning service that is available at reasonable rates. We will use all of our knowledge and skills to achieve outstanding results and you are sure to enjoy viable solutions every time. Contact us today!

We also offer other cleaning services, which can include carpet cleaning, general property cleanup, janitorial work, and more. When it comes to post-construction cleanup, we are here to provide you with the final, thorough, and detailed cleaning that will exceed your expectations. With vast experience in our field, we utilize the most advanced methods and cleaning products to ensure impeccable results for our customers. Dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, we are prepared to go the extra mile and deliver results that meet your requirements. We will use all the resources available to us in order to do the job fast and in an efficient manner. Whether you need a carpet cleaning service or construction cleanup, we are here for you.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, we are a leading residential and commercial cleaning service provider that can handle the final clean-up for your construction project. Our staff is highly trained and will work closely with you to complete the job on time and within your budget, preparing the building for its new occupants. We will do everything necessary to complete the job in a manner that will meet your every requirement.

Our post-construction cleaning services can include the dusting of air diffusers, the cleaning of lights, fixtures, spots, hard surfaces, and more. Our cleaning services are suitable for projects involving the construction and renovation of restaurants, retail stores, strip malls, office buildings, schools, universities, student housing, medical facilities, churches, event centers, laboratories, governmental & municipal facilities, banks, credit unions, apartments, and retirement complexes.

In addition to our basic services, we also perform specific cleaning jobs such as carpet cleaning service, window washing, floor stripping and buffing, and janitorial work. For anyone who has completed a construction or remodeling project, we are the partner that will provide you with regular or one-time cleaning services that will meet your demands. Based on our knowledge and experience in handling building cleanup jobs, we have created a crew of skilled janitors for the needs of our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Green Services

We are committed to providing local businesses and homeowners with reliable services that are done in an environmentally-friendly manner. Our environmentally conscious and green cleaning options are just as effective as those that rely on chemicals. Such an approach also ensures that your building will have a healthier environment and this will reduce the absences of your employees due to sick days.

We have adopted advanced methods for the cleaning of your property and use materials that are specifically meant for green cleaning. We can also work to eliminate toxic chemicals from your property and help you optimize your workplace to achieve a healthier and welcoming environment that will minimize any negative impact your company has on the environment.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, we are the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs. Handling various tasks, from property cleanup to janitorial work, and post-construction cleaning, we are here to meet your requirements. Licensed, insured, and with six years of experience, RC Building Services LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and works at reasonable rates. We started our business from the bottom to become one of the most trustworthy and dependable companies for local businesses and homeowners. Contact us for more details!

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When you need regular or post-construction cleaning, we can provide you with the solution you are looking for. Our company has the capability and means to take on a job of any size, and we will exceed your expectations. Family-owned and dedicated to the needs of our customers, we are the right choice for you as well. Make sure you are turning to people who know how to offer you outstanding services and call us at (718) 536-2675 to book an appointment or to learn more about our terms!

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